The Way Things Are Around Here

We are all holding up pretty well, although Mary has a rough couple of weeks coming up and is ready to be done for the summer now. She will do just fine though. My youngest son cruises as always as though downhill in neutral, or wind driven. My Number One Son, I don’t see so much, but when I do he seems excited and confident. I know he is full of nervous doubt, but he also knows he can handle most anything. I am never sure about how my daughter is, but she seems to be getting through her classes with her usual crisis of the week. So all is well. I get 2 weeks off to sort a few things out before going into a summer of preschool with no paper work attached. Nice. Someday I will have a real vacation and then I will know what I am missing. I hope things are going well out there. The weather has been all big blue sky here, and we rush from building to building getting things done. What are we thinking?

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