Short Poems II: Poems of 10 lines or Less

One Good Simple Thing

There are things in life.

Simple, easy things that take the hardness out of world for a moment.

Ghostly music seeping in from another room makes me stop.

She is singing again, and I cannot move,

I must stand and cup my mind around this whispering flame.

The slightest puff of air will chase it into the night

and leave the world colder for its loss.



A movement of horizons

How could I bring the sky down to my bed?

Nights awake staring into

the wall surrounding the universe.

But what is on the other side?

I built walls that could not contain

Oblivion’s eternal reach.

A Stubborn Twilight

What do I need? Nothing!

I only desire.

I could eat the world and leave.

I could turn inside myself

dreaming my desire into the stars

of my internal night.

November Visitor

Bee buzzing  at the backdoor glass

Rides my shoe

 out into the wet garden

New Summer

I stayed late to fix the gate

on the first eve of summer

I screwed in the screws

the hinges hung true,

swinging brightly

in the still shining sun.

Waterfall in Late Summer

The ever changing

Pattern of falling water

Shatters on smooth rocks


Winter rain falls

among the leaves 

outside the apartment window.

I remember bright rooms

lit by the sun.

House World

After living under the naked

raining sky for many years,

beneath the airships of the oppressors,

I found my way into house world.

In house world there are stairs to climb,

but to get anywhere worth going,

I have to pull up the soft spongy bricks

and break through the floor.

Moving in this way,

I find the person I am looking for.


Snow Where I Live

falling crystals

accumulating layers

a silent canvas


Blue sky means ice

and feathered clouds

pink in the dawn light

and bright still trees

on my way back to work

Juice of the Weedy Man

I could see death

away up the road

leaping from stalled car

to stalled car

like a tiger,


No way to shout,

to make a connection.

The Weedy Man was coming

with berries and decay.

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