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Maybe All There Is Is the Next Thing That Happens

Arthur Miller‘s words spoken by Marilyn Monroe in a breathy sigh while looking over Montgomery Clift‘s broken head into an uncertain future in the movie the Misfits. What will be the next thing? Not even John Huston when he directed … Continue reading

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Doris Lessing Wrote Science Fiction?

Yes, and she did it very well. I just finished the first volume of Doris Lessing‘s Canopus in Argos: Archives series. It is an astounding work of imagination combined with some insightful critical commentary on modern society, as well as … Continue reading

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The Death of the Fool: La Strada

I found him tragically fallen from his perch in this most appropriate of situations. La Strada is a oddly captivating fable that leaves pieces of itself in my dreams. Anthony Quinn‘s brooding brute, Zampano, looming over the elfin waif, and … Continue reading

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Some projects forming in the staging area of my mind

Art: an assemblage built on a 2 foot square of small parts, parts from old models, small bits of painted wood, maybe in the form of a house or landscape or a fantastic machine. There may be some sewing involved … Continue reading

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Keeping the Juices Flowing

I have tried to figure out how to make consistent blogging work with my new job. It is quite a problem as my job and commute take up much of my day five days a week, and on weekends I … Continue reading

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