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February Dreams Part II

2/9/2014 Was it a deer or a horse? It did not matter; I had to cut it’s forelegs off just above the hooves with garden loppers. The large animal flopped to the ground and began writhing about with no hooves … Continue reading

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Dark Matter and Dinosaurs

I am fascinated by the way scientifically minded people approach the world as well as the things they discover and ponder. Krista Tippett asks some very insightful questions which produces a stimulating discussion about what goes on in Lisa Randall’s mind when … Continue reading

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Dead Man: Death, Poetry, and Music in the old west.

Jim Jarmusch’s movie Dead Man is a blending of surreal scenes, beautifully understated acting, and the haunting music of Neil Young’s solo guitar, and it tells the story of William Blake, an accountant from Ohio, who comes to the edge … Continue reading

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Dreams of February 2014

Dream #1 Look at that parking job- I said pointing at an adjacent rooftop where a the back wheels of the tiny indigo car were on the wrong side of the parking barrier, a foot from a 40 foot drop down … Continue reading

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More World Saving Quotes

We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny.– Martin Luther King jr “Bill, just try to remember,” she said, “there is much more stupidity than there is malice in the world,” an … Continue reading

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