A Random List About Me

  1. My partner is my best friend and lives with me.
  2. My ex-wife is a good friend.
  3. Most of my other friends I have known since high school.
  4. I was the second child of 4 and grew up in a two parent family.
  5. I have a brother who is one year older.
  6. I have two younger sisters.
  7. I worked for Head Start for more than 15 years.
  8. I hate paperwork.
  9. Music, art, and writing are integral to who I am.
  10. I have 2 adult sons.
  11. I have an adult daughter.
  12. One of my sons has a BA with a double major in physics and math.
  13. My daughter has a BA in psychology.
  14. My youngest son has a BA in math.
  15. My children have been home schooled.
  16. I went to an alternative private high school.
  17. I have a BA and went through most of the coursework for an elementary teaching credential.
  18. I have attended and been a member of  Unitarian Universalist churches in several communities.
  19. I attended a Disciples of Christ church with my mother until I was nine .
  20. I believe that any two people who want to get legally married should be able to.
  21. I love to play my guitar and sing loudly.
  22. I like to have conversations with children as well as open minded adults.
  23. I am an introvert by nature.
  24. I am an extrovert at work.
  25. I am a recovering chronic insomniac.
  26. I have always had an unreliable memory, but enough sleep, lists and a set schedule with time in the morning help me to overcome it.
  27.  I love peanut butter cookies and avocados, though not at the same time.
  28. I play tennis whenever I can get a partner.
  29. I write poetry.
  30. I like almost any kind of music even some opera (but not much).
  31. I am always reading something.
  32. I am always studying something.
  33. I graduated from a 2 year on-line program to become a physical therapy assistant and I am currently working as a PTA at a skilled nursing facility.
  34. I wrote a novel for NANOWRIMO which has gone through 3 edits, but still needs work.
  35. Since I left my parents house I have lived in 11 cities and on 1 island and in 27 residences. 
  36. I took over 1000 photographs in one year.
  37. I wore an N95 respirator mask and face shield at work for most of 2020.
  38. I struggle with overthinking the simplest interactions and situations, and missing a lot of very obvious cues as well.
  39. I have published at least 1 blog post pretty much every month since August 2007. (except January and April of 2013  a truly trying year full of studies and work and slow grinding recovery.)
  40. At any given moment, until I stop to think about it, I perceive myself as just a young/middle aged man of indefinite age and situation everything else is just a shell I put on so the world can make sense of me. I don’t make a lot of sense to myself much of the time.

4 Responses to A Random List About Me

  1. kimnixon says:

    I also love dark beer and very dark chocolate! Sounds like we have a lot in common. Thanks for linking to my site in your Blogroll! And for the work you do with families and young children.

  2. ejonez says:

    Since I am one of your two younger sisters, I am able to be impressed with your openness and honesty.

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