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Irrigation Canal Codex by Luis Alberto Urrea

Originally posted on synthetic zerØ:
Y los muchachos cling to the cantina’s jukebox heart, sing: we never go nowhere we never see nothing but work: these fingers bleed every daylong day, aching from la joda of the harvest– y la…

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Two Little Notes, A Fictional Concept and A Dream

I am not sure where these two little thoughts came from, but they were written in my notebook by me. You can never go boldly into the land the land of gods: you must slide in unnoticed or fall in … Continue reading

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It Is The Time of Monsters and We Keep Feeding the Monsters

“Perhaps the most succinct characterization of the epoch which began with the First World War is the well-known phrase attributed to Gramsci: “The old world is dying away, and the new world struggles to come forth: now is the time … Continue reading

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Poetry as a Living Process

Nobody Knows Poetry Better Than You Don’t let anyone tell you what to write or not to write, or how to write it, unless it is what you need to make your writing more what you want it to be. … Continue reading

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