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A Collage Poem of Random Pieces

…we’re riddled with pointless talk, insane quantities of words and images. Stupidity’s never blind or mute. So it’s not a problem of getting people to express themselves but of providing little gaps of solitude and silence in which they might eventually find … Continue reading

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Video: Amid crime and blight, Natalie Thomas plants peace and community

Originally posted on Vox Populi:
. Since 2011, Natalie Thomas has been the caretaker of the Unified Positive Effect Community Garden at the corner of Climax Street and Estella Avenue in the Betzhoover neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Thomas, 57, said the…

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Drums of Passion

At some point in my late teenage years, I was looking through a bin of miscellaneous foreign music in the Tower Records store on Broadway in Sacramento, and I came across this album. I don’t remember what about it caught … Continue reading

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Color Shadow Play II

A few days later more shadows in the studio. I have to do something!

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Color Shadow Play

Computer enhanced photographs of sunset shadows on my studio wall.

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The Mountain is Hidden

Mt. St Helens and surrounding lands as seen or not on 9/30/17.

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