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Art in Nature/ Andy Goldsworthy

I remember days losing myself in arranging rocks and driftwood on a beach, or weaving with plant stems, building river stone dams just to see what the materials and space and my body could make. Just to truly be in … Continue reading

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John Cale – Hallelujah Leonard Cohen knew how to write a song. John Cale knows how to sing it, and the strings are a nice touch. I love to sing this loudly. It is one of the most soothing songs … Continue reading

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A Quote, A Bit of New Story, and A Dream Haiku

“The important arguments are the ones you have with yourself.” William Butler Yeats Out In the Rain Minter stood in the rain. The gate in front of her was closed, iron bars set like pain against the green garden inside. … Continue reading

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A Poem to Begin the Summer

Larger Infinities The bars of falling life and the prison of the hermit, Inside, All of this in the rain, outside the garden, green behind the bars.

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Running into TheĀ Future

The jibber-jabber of hidden teeth Sketched on the wall of a bright winter day Has led them all away Into a land where nothing stays. I lay on the sidewalk, A sucked and spat out Cherry pit, With still some … Continue reading

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