Tarot #51: VI The Lovers, the synthesis of opposites and marriage of incompatible forces into functioning coalitions

It is time to put effort and thought into relationships that have meaning for you over those that are superficial. These are not necessarily romantic or love relationships, but the more the relationships help you achieve your goals in life the more you should focus on them.


You may be entering into or already be involved in situation that involves many people and ideas that conflict and oppose one another or are at least unruly or hard to fit together. You must find a way to act as moderator or a catalyst for the coalition of ideas that will bring the group together.

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You must look for key to bring together disparate pieces of your life which have drifted apart. These could be people, activities or ideas. It is time to make a cohesive whole of scattered and repelling elements of relationships, responses and attitudes toward people and ideas. Look for ways to relax rigid reactions and reduce confrontational or aggressive posturing. Emphasize similarities and see differences as strengths when combined with other qualities.

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Lovers Tabula Mundi Tarot color version

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