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A More Successful To Do List

This is a list of things I am usually successful at getting done every day that make my life better. Sing out loud or make some music Dance a little Make someone laugh or smile Do something nice for someone … Continue reading

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My To Do List

This is a list that I have collected and adjusted over many years from many sources and it includes the best of what I attempt to do and be everyday. I always fail, some days a little, some days I … Continue reading

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self experiment #2

Today I will set my the alarm on my watch to go off every hour, and wherever I am and whatever I am doing I stop and pay attention after which I will write some notes about each experience. I … Continue reading

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If I See You

If I really see you, I will laugh out loud, or fall silent, or explode into a thousand pieces. If I don’t, I will be caught in the cement and stone of my own prison. Rumi

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Visiting, Listening, and Learning

This last week, I visited 4 of my families, a small part of a caseload with families in which the parents have come from many countries all over the world. Some parents grew up in this county and have never … Continue reading

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