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There’s no day like a snow day

A catchy title for a pretty boring-ass day. There is more ice than snow now as the rain is starting to freeze a little. The sounds of horror drift down from upstairs as my children entertain themselves with scary movies. … Continue reading

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Some Kandinsky to Brighten My Winter Blues

Wassily Kandinsky is one of my favorite artist. He did experiments in line, color and shape like a scientist. His paintings have an innocent and energetic quality of intellectual curiosity and passion for surprise that I am lacking these days … Continue reading

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Winter Night Walk

I walk back from the corner store my foggy breaths leading me up the hill. I see Orion in the southern sky so clear against the indigo with the crescent silver shining just over his outstretched arm. The sky dome … Continue reading

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A Long Not So Bad Week

Although I am still encrusted in the gloom of winter, things don’t look as bad after another long week. My attitude is definitely improving even though the weather is not. I had a dream about planning a parade with a … Continue reading

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Trudging Through January.

I have to say I have had better weeks. The winter is beginning to sink into my bones with damp and chill weighing heavily on me. All the sky does right now is seep and leak cold water and wet … Continue reading

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Poems from Preschool World

The Dream Artist as a Preschool Teacher There is a place Where a line of tall eucalyptus trees Stand in twilight. A path runs along beside them. Somewhere near is a park with a wooden game Where you put a … Continue reading

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Three Poems From My Natural Science Period

Twenty Years Ago In the heavy forest, My skin bordered the sky, Played with it, Wings probing, Noticing, Eyes turned on themselves. In between I was unprepared, Whirled from almost every year Back to that object of finding gaze And … Continue reading

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