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The Light in April

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Minding the Moment and Mortality

Imperfect My native tongue doesn’t allowimperfect tense, so it’s difficultto say how something might usedto happen but no more. Elizabethused to walk among these trees.She used to walk among these treesbut doesn’t anymore. Elizabethis no more though she used to … Continue reading

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Anything in Sufficient Numbers

Anything in Sufficient Numbers Can Be Terrifying I was suddenly standing in the middle of a lush sunny yard with toads swarming all around covering the ground and plants and each other. Just a multitude of very active brightly colored … Continue reading

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2022 Graphic Journal page #14: March 13- April 10

Interior Integration

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A Little Compassion Goes a Long Way

People do these things and then turn around and complain how unfeeling and cruel people are to each other. Just be sure you treat other people and wild animals as kindly as you treat your pets. What if every time … Continue reading

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