Nonsense Songs and Other Shenanigans

Oh Lumpy Pie

sung to “America the Beautiful”

Oh, lumpy pie

Oh, polymath,

Oh, eyes doom and dread,

cantilevered mystified

in league with all the dead.

My own true love.

From the sky above

falling through the trees

into a vat of melted wax

from a hive of killer bees.

Gristle Fist

Gristle fist, gristle fist

Platypus Plunk,

Centipede, millipede, Ganymede,


Hitcha Scritcha Momba

Hitcha Scritcha Momba

A tomba tooberu

On her violin she did begin

and made a helluva hullabaloo.

Sunset on the luna sea

Leaves between you and me

Nothing but the right to be

And ripples drifting silently

Song from a dream

I’d rather be dancer down the street,

with broken glass and garbage cans

beneath my feet.

I’d rather be a painter or the devil.

Braided Leather Belt

Belted braid beer belly Jelly jar

Incandescent light bulb hub cap slap

Mud blood bedbug meat slug

Slag bag big box hardware sign

 sapling thrasher smashing slasher

lush mush bushwhacker blush

cornhusker busker bin

Let them in cotton gin

Let’s begin again

Fall Poem #1

I sit in the midday sun

Minding my own merry

How the shine does simmer in

Like a sudden cherry.

A Song That Sang Itself to Me Using Leonard Cohen’s Voice

Mangle of Insipid Arthropods Eaten Ever by Night

with reticulated majesty breaks my flight and lets me down

macabre tragedy sets my wheels on fire and drives me to the edge of sound

I spit out all the glass and blood

Tangled in these words of love

Strangled the mourning dove

And left for the outskirts of nowhere

Maybe mayhem will find my grieving pig

Stick him with a sticky fig

Grill him on his back In November rain

I’ll never go there again 

to be tried, doubled inside the steaming sack

All my muscles put on slack,

I’ll erase this place ‘til all is black

A caramelized mirror for the moon.

Willie Nelson Dream Car Radio Song

10 miles out of Abilene,

I stopped to look around 

at the desert and the night.

I got up on the hood

and lay back to see the stars

spread out and shining bright.

All around the ground shone back.

 I felt my edges fade away.

And I knew everything was going to be alright.


Where is my big lonely place

where all my problems seem so small?

Everything that went on before

doesn’t mean a damn

just pictures and sounds along the street.

When I drive away from here

more life is out ahead

But I’ll get there at my own chosen speed.


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