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Autumn Poems # 3

Dream on an October Night Ghost rides that whip sprung from the blood of day onto the back of a long thin howl.

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Tarot #28: II The Priestess, illumination of reality beyond the senses

She sends luminous visions never seen but glimpsed inchoate and parallax from the edges of reality reflected in a distorting parabola but whole and detailed and viewed only askance by chance when the mind is wide open, in a vision … Continue reading

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Tarot #12: I The Magus, the Flash of inspiration and the will to create

Go forth and create your world guided by inspiration and drawing energy from the electricity of ideas in collision. Send your thoughts to the stars and listen for the reply and shout again the words that create themselves in your … Continue reading

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Old Songs Made New #1

This one mesmerizes me in many ways. I have no idea what it means but it makes me drift into a previously undiscovered space in my mind.

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Moonlight Field Trip

I made a decision to let the vampires and zombies out for the night. I was concerned that they might cause mischief, but I was more worried that they might be mistreated by nervous and fearful people abroad in the … Continue reading

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Thoughts and Images of April

Misremembered Movie From a Dream A talent show, Sing!, but with real people instead of cartoon animals. This feeling that I had been somewhere, but it was a different place.    I am forming a project to examine the layers … Continue reading

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2 Poems from February Leaking into March

 Transportation I ride your bicycle hands,   backwards through the dark , reversed and inverted the wheel magnetized to a grid of printed instructions for unfolding origami lines  rolled balancing, over hills of rags and bags, tottering stagger plunged  and battered into muddy pulp compacted … Continue reading

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