Charioscura: Dreamtime Women Captured in Poems

A Stoop is Close to a Fall


She was never his hawk

only her own

shredding talons

spreading wings

in down swirling push

could not pull her free

To bend the air Under

 and bear

The weight of death



She drifted, stretching over

the ragged canyons between sounds

Into the next headlong dive

Wings drawn back

She fell hard

against the world.



She will not be buried


From the center of bright skies

she sees every movement precisely

The rabbit under sagebrush


Her Dark Furnishings

On a naked hill

Above a shamble of bone built huts

She plays at chores

in a well-lit palace

open to the dim world

rearranging her dark-polished furnishings

in patterns of arabesque logic

Everyone looks up from

mud scrabbled ruts

into the bright vision of order

“Oooh, coffee table tea party

on the veranda my dear

Now that’s the way to live!”

A Woman of the River Ocean

raising dusty billows in airy water

I am feeling with delicate fingers

in the fine white sand

among the eel grass

at the bottom of the river ocean

for a part of me I did not lose


 a moon-luminous woman,

about 40 years old

 black hair shining

transpiring her life

a doll dressed in red

on a shelf

Maybe a secretary or a nurse

or assistant librarian

now she moves

in a tentative dance

everyone is bustling ’round

she moves about them

without disturbing

the waters

My fingers are searching

for her symbol

her voice.

She is the one who will

speak for me

when I pull her from the weeds

I ache for breath

She gasps to life

on the surface


Splash of angel light

her face pushed forward

body leaning close

breathing deep magnetic


in through open nostrils.

The angled spirit congealed

bloody on her pillow

one arm raised flame

against the illusion of

obsidian labyrinth working

Through stretch and fold

distortion spread reflected

over transparencies

pile one on the other until

seeming solid prison


2 Responses to Charioscura: Dreamtime Women Captured in Poems

  1. thecrimsonthread says:

    “A Woman of the River Ocean” is sublime; the symbolic imagery within it expresses this dream-realm beautifully…

  2. randomyriad says:

    Thanks. I had forgotten that one. Now it is like a post card from my past dreams from where it is vacationing just outside of my memory.

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