Capturing Light: Investigations of Color in Words, Music and Images #1

The green park in winter.

The snow fell lightly as the footsteps of children. The snow lay masking the trim pathways, shrouding the trodden grass, the snow as far as one could see, on the housetops, on the trees. The sky was low, heavy with the cruel cold, and the light was grey and dim. In a long line gleamed the round lamps, and entangled with the leafless trees was a violet mist, and it trailed along the ground like a train of the winter night. The piercing cold had killed the colors, but the mist was violet, exquisitely soft, but cold,  cold so the weary heart could scarcely endure its anguish. The houses of Carlton House Terrace were dark menacing masses against the whiteness of the snow. The day dwindled into ghostly silence and there was no glimpse even of the setting sun. Gray sky grew darker and the lights gleamed more brightly, surrounded each one by a pale aureole.

From: the year 1900 in A Writers Notebook, M. Somerset Maugham 

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Moonlight Field Trip

I made a decision to let the vampires and zombies out for the night. I was concerned that they might cause mischief, but I was more worried that they might be mistreated by nervous and fearful people abroad in the dark. In the twilight, I began to get them prepared instructing them on rules of behavior. They started to leave too early and I stopped them telling them to wait for a signal, which was a song. They were quite peaceful roaming about like children. Some were naked (I had neglected to tell them about clothing). I could see their sturdy shadow shapes in the moonlight standing and moving alone and in small groups by a pond where people where fishing. I kept my watch over them until dawn for I was their teacher and caretaker.

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Go Blind Today Already: 3 Poems by Paul Celan

From Breathturn

Go Blind Today already

eternity too is full of eyes —

Where in

drowns, what helped the images

over the path they came,

Where in

expires, what took you out of 

language with a gesture

that you let happen like

Autumn and silk and nothingness


From Threadsuns

In the noises, like our beginning,

in the ravine where you fell to me,

I wind it up again, the 

musical box– you 

know: the invisible,


inaudible one.


From Threadsuns

Speechwalls, space inward–

spooled in upon yourself

you holler yourself to the lastwall

The fogs are burning

the heat hangs itself inside you.

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Another April Poem

A Drift

Everything then was falling apart

and coming together


situations bleeding noiselessly,

the saturation of 

wicking colors

through beige fibers

suddenly impacted by 

metal and glass

screaming to a halt

bodies flying in all directions

trying to land

somewhere soft enough 

to roll into

the next incarnation.

In the background

grey figures moved,

attending churches and barbecues,

raffles and discos,

hot dates and cool mornings,

parallel but distorted

through bubbled lens 

chosen not- entered into not-committed

examining separation

hanging on fringe

dangling jangled with 

every waft of breeze. 

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Keep Only What You Need


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Thoughts and Images of April


Misremembered Movie From a Dream

A talent show, Sing!, but with real people instead of cartoon animals.

This feeling that I had been somewhere, but it was a different place. 



I am forming a project to examine the layers of existence and consciousness. The sign on the door reads “Philosophy”.  I am using words now so that is what it says. I am not sure what it means. I don’t intend to know anything.


The part of me that is aware and responsive to this body cannot comprehend the complex interrelations, the chemical/electrical physics that creates a living being. So much easier to use words, pillows of symbols to lay down covering the messy processes of constant negotiation inside the living surfaces and that take place on the surface as I move through the atmosphere and connect and disconnect with objects that occupy the part of the planet I inhabit, where each moment is filled with miracles of horror and elegance beyond imagination. Just glimpses of the whole mess bring on both nausea and awe, overwhelming the perceiver, each lifetime so filled with the infinite and the infinitesimal lives and connected in a chain to the utter beginning and ending of all things. Can I hold this tiny piece of awareness for one second? 


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Poems of April 2018 #2


He was misleading 

The two women about

his father’s ability to

care for himself.

He feared they would not

take such a helpless man.



All this world wants of me

is everything consumed,

from beginning to end, 

how can a person even know

who or what is this cloud

of tissues and liquids,

gasses and electricity?

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