Autumn poems #5

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Mary Oliver from New and Selected Poems

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Tarot #54: Prince of Wands, forever lighting torches on the long dark road.


 People who are represented here are likely to see all angles of an issue, using debate and arguments to clarify a position. They may defend one point of view passionately one day and then its opposite the next simply to test the validity of each.

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They may seem distant and arrogant because they are working on a long time frame with plans far down the road. They are in it for the long haul and are looking to expend the right amount of energy, at the right time, for the best effect.

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They will be generous most of the time, outgoing, and gain admiration and loyalty through their boundless energy and magnetic charm. They are all about thought and action in combination, and will not abide boredom in themselves or others, or small-minded limitations on inquiry. They move toward mysteries and puzzles, applying all their intellect and will and energy to resolving these. When they lead, they tend to generate interest through communicating passion rather than directing. They are inspirational rather than commanding. At times they can be irresponsible and dangerous as they are rarely inhibited by a moral code or cultural norms, though they are not ruthless or mean, they can possess a wicked sense of humor when taking frustrations out on those they view as overly moralistic.

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You are, or will find yourself, in a situation in which you must devise a long range plan for a project that you have a passionate stake in and you must use your passion to inspire others.  Or you have a goal you can only achieve with the help of others, but have no authority to compel partnerships,  just your enthusiasm, will, and intense curiosity that you must communicate to others in order to make it so.


You may be involved in an issue that absorbs or intrigues you to the point that you may become forgetful of your commitments to others. Your intellectual or artistic or political pursuits may not be balanced by other aspects of your life like family or friendships that may help you to remain more grounded and in the long run more satisfied with your life.

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Tarot #53: Knight of Cups, the bearer of gentle messages of peace from the water and fire.

Blessed are the peacemakers,
    for they will be called children of God.

Jesus of Nazareth : Matthew 5:9


There is in you an active and passionate love of peaceful relationships that bring joy and light to life in those you interact with. You are a gift bringer and loyal support person to those more assertive or with more need of glory. You are the peacemaker who holds the coalitions together, the groups that give agency to humble and unnoticed who need a voice in the world.

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Your family or friends or both may have need of your loyal support in the coming months as an ally and communicator, more than a leader. You may in the end get little credit for a positive outcome even though your support will be key in a successful resolution to the crisis.

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You will have a need to work behind the scenes of a project, letting those who are more extrovert take the lead, but remaining actively key in the outcome. You will begin to notice the strengths and weaknesses of others and find ways to maintain peace among strong personalities.

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Autumn Poems #4




There’s this shape, black as the entrance to a cave.

A longing well up in its throat

like a blossom

as it breathes slowly.


What does the world

mean to you if you can’t trust it

to go on shining when you’re


not there? And there’s

a tree, long-fallen; once

the bees flew to it, like a procession

of messengers, and filled it

with honey.




I said to the chickadee, singing his heart out in the

      green pine tree:


little dazzler,

little song,

little mouthful.



the shape climbs up out of the curled grass. It

grunts into view. There is no measure

for the confidence at the bottom of its eyes—

There is no telling

the suppleness of its shoulders as it turns

and yawns.


                               Near the fallen tree

something— a leaf snapped loose

form the branch and fluttering down— tries to pull me

into its trap of attention.



It pulls me

into its trap of attention.


And when I turn again, the bear is gone.



Look, hasn’t my body already felt

like the body of a flower?



 Look, I want to love this world

as though it’s the last chance I’m ever going to get

to be alive

and know it.




Sometimes in late summer I won’t touch anything, not

the flowers, not the blackberries

brimming in the thickets’ I won’t name the birds or the trees,

I won’t whisper my own name.


                                                         One morning

the fox came down the hill, glittering and confident,

and didn’t see me—and I thought:


so this is the world.

I ‘m not in it.

It is beautiful.

Mary Oliver, New and Selected Poems

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Tarot #52: VIII Adjustment/Justice, the balance will be maintained with precision no matter how wild the dance

It is time to take stock of your movements in the world and account for those actions that have thrown you or others of course. You may need to find a point of reference or objective source to help set you straight.adjustment

Delicate Dance

The balance is the beauty,

each part moving freely

and yet affecting each other part,

compensating to retain the center.

If the form is awkward,

the movements must wobble.

Thus perfection mars the balance

and brings the structure down.

The balance is the beauty.

Can I give so that you can take

and receive what is given equal to your movement?

I must move to fill a certain space,

if you move toward an empty place.

If you bend to pick up a pin,

I must move further from the center .01 steps

and up one penny’s width.

Or, should I scuff an indent

and sink in a cold puddle depression at my heel.


You may have been overly extrovert, extravagant and assertive, or too passive, submissive and slow to respond in your day to day relationships relationships with others. It is time, after reviewing your recent behavior as objectively as possible, to adjust your behavior to suit the situation.

There is something from your past that you feel guilty about or which you feel someone else owes you recompense which is throwing you out of balance. This is the time to bring it out into the open so that you can deal with it and put your life back on track.

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Balance against each thought its exact opposite. For the Marriage of these is the Annihilation of Illusion.

Aleister Crowley, The Book of Thoth

Adjustment Tabula Mundi Tarot color version

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Tarot #51: VI The Lovers, the synthesis of opposites and marriage of incompatible forces into functioning coalitions

It is time to put effort and thought into relationships that have meaning for you over those that are superficial. These are not necessarily romantic or love relationships, but the more the relationships help you achieve your goals in life the more you should focus on them.


You may be entering into or already be involved in situation that involves many people and ideas that conflict and oppose one another or are at least unruly or hard to fit together. You must find a way to act as moderator or a catalyst for the coalition of ideas that will bring the group together.

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You must look for key to bring together disparate pieces of your life which have drifted apart. These could be people, activities or ideas. It is time to make a cohesive whole of scattered and repelling elements of relationships, responses and attitudes toward people and ideas. Look for ways to relax rigid reactions and reduce confrontational or aggressive posturing. Emphasize similarities and see differences as strengths when combined with other qualities.

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Lovers Tabula Mundi Tarot color version


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Tarot #50: V The Hierophant, following the long arc of justice and wisdom, the master remains resolutely seated

Deep wisdom follows us into the future by marrying the lessons of the past to the vital energy of the present which will carry and disseminate seeds of positive change in the world. Here is the symbol of the wisdom that abides all around us in those that have kept their minds and hearts open and followed the path of enlightenment. All we need to do is listen to the world and those who have stayed awake through their time in our world.

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You may be entering or already into a situation in which you will need to heed or seek the advice of someone who has more experience than you. It is a time for humility not hubris. A time in which you could gather wisdom and knowledge to carry forward to others who will eventually look to you for an example or illumination.


There is a mystery or problem that is central to your life that is recurring. You will need to seek out and combine teachings, from your past experience and those you sources you seek now, to make your own solution.

Hierophant Tabula Mundi Tarot color version

There is someone in your life who has wisdom or knowledge that could help you resolve some of your confusion or frustration. Someone in a role as a teacher or counselor, or someone who is perceptive and able to communicate well or even someone who you may not think of as a teacher but may have special insight into you or your situation.

You are heading into a time of peace and protection in which you will be able to gather wisdom and skills to inspire others to work with you to bring peace and enlightenment to many. Look for teachers and insight in your day to day life, look to learn from all you experience. Make time in your life for quiet contemplation of the miracles around you and to untie some of the conundrums that haunt you. Look for opportunities to share what you have discovered. In this way we will connect our wonder in the world and build a peaceful and thoughtful world.

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