Investigations of Color and Form: Thistle, Lichen, and other Living Things

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Summer Has Come with Flowers and Green


Isabella Bush Park, Tumwater, Washington

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Capturing Light: Investigations of Color in Words, Music and Images # 6: Video: Lattice

Vox Populi


The ‘atomic orderliness’ of crystals forming yield resplendent, microscopic landscapes

Although they may look computer-generated, the micro-images created by Maria Ferreira at the Rhode Island School of Design, examine a very real world ordinarily imperceptible to the human eye. In her short video Lattice, Ferreira uses a polarizing filter under an inverted microscope to transform growing crystalline masses into otherworldly prismatic landscapes, revealing the striking beauty and complex geometry of crystal formation.

Director: Maria Constanza Ferreira

Text: Aeon

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Running time: 2:41


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The Frontier: The Cost of a One Sided View of History.


Frontier has two sides. It is an interface, a threshold, a liminal site, with all the danger and promise of liminality.

                The front side, the yang side, the side that calls itself the frontier, that’s where you boldly go where no one has gone before, rushing forward like a stormfront, like a battlefront. Nothing before you is real. It is empty space. My favorite quotation from the great frontiersman Julius Caesar: “I was not certain that Britannia existed, until I went there.” It does not exist, it is empty, and therefore full of dream and promise, the seven shining cities. And so you go there. Seeking gold, seeking land, annexing all before you, you expand your world.

                The other side of the frontier, the yin side: that’s where you live. You have always lived there. It’s all around you, it’s always been. It is the real world, the true and certain world full of reality.

                And it is where they come. You were not certain they existed, until they came.

                Coming from another world, they take yours from you, changing it, draining it, shrinking it into property, a commodity. And as your world is meaningless to them until they change it into theirs, so as you live among them and adopt their meanings, you are in danger of losing your own meaning to yourself.

                                                  *                  *                    *


Living in a world that is valued only as gain, an ever-expanding world-as-frontier that has no worth of its own, no fullness of its own, you live in danger of losing your own worth for yourself. That’s when you begin to listen to the voices from the other side, and to ask questions of failure and the dark.


Ursula K Le Guin, From “On the Frontier”,  found in A Wave in the Mind

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The Middle of June At Mingus Park #4: Investigations of Color, Form and Pattern

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The Middle of June At Mingus Park #3: Flora

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The Middle of June At Mingus Park #2: Bridges

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