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Quotes, Prayers and Two Cents of My Own

“Man is the creature that wants to be God.” Jean-Paul Sartre “Oh God, come to my assistance/ Oh God, make haste to help me” Psalm 70 In my hour of darkness, In my time of need, Oh Lord, grant me … Continue reading

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Accidental Awareness

Tiny little wine glass Shattered by a heavy bowl Spark, sliver, silver spread over the gleam of linoleum counter next to the dish drainer. picking up the offending innocent bowl, a shadow lingers, resting dark against the hard glitter of … Continue reading

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A Paper/computer Collage Doodle

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Graffiti: The Beginning of Art, Science, and Religion

Thousands of years ago someone crawled into a dark cave with some kind of fire and drew this image. Why? Why didn’t s/he just work out in the daylight? How many people saw the image at that time? Was it … Continue reading

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6 six word memiors

Searching for beginnings, I write days. From suburban boxes, I moved moments. I was incrementally replaced by another. Singing loud we filled the night. Through summer days, we tumbled blindly. alone, together, alone together, together alone.

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