Short Poems: six lines or less

It Does Not Matter Where You Look

A big blue bend in an endless sky

A yellow fire clinging deep in a dry well

It is all the same

A cloud of stars

Grains of rice in a black bowl


A Song Without a Beat

I move in dreams

frantically arranging pictures

in their places

painting faces

timing the spaces

missing the beat of my own heart’s thump

The Way I Came

Searching for beginnings, I write days

From suburban boxes, I moved moments

I was incrementally replaced by another

Singing loud we filled the night

Through summer days, we tumbled blindly

alone, together, alone together, together alone

a note on a toy elephant


Can play with


after Wednesday.

He threw it in

the bushes on Tuesday.

Kendo Class

The tiny woman pushes the large dry mop

with precise grace

bare feet patting

like a fox on the snow

The Last Summer Train

A train moans and roars through the valley distance

down the hill in the cooling last summer night

Carry away despair

Carry away my weary worries

and leave all silent shining in the morning sun

Winter shell

huddled in ice

a white cocoon

I drink warmth from earth

ready to rise

with the coming dawn

The Ferry Dock

In the delicate

Shadows of the pier

Waves break

around wooden posts

Progressive Painting

If that’s gonna be hills

then that’s gotta be blue


Yellow lilies in a crystal creamer

Perfume the air

Books lay open on a table

Time is not here

Wind Tides

The rush of wind bends trees almost in half

Soon they will bend over backwards

Flying their furious heads to the sky

Staff Meeting Prayer

My heart is impressed, experienced

broken and healed strong

fused with the world

through the fire of passion

connected to my mind

through my dreams

Just Passing Through

Light travels through light

air through air

Sometimes we travel through each other

as if we weren’t there

Larger Infinities

The bars of falling life

the prison of the hermit


all this garden

outside in the rain 

green behind the bars

A Silent Dream Movie

Hitler with a teaspoon

burying plastic animals

in a sandbox

The mumbling of tired old men

who can’t kill anymore.

A jangle of bones

tangled in flesh,

trying to push shape

into a cloud

Lake Walk

Sunlight falls in stripes on the path

“The water is high today,”

she points.

“Look, this is where the children usually stand

and play with their dogs.”

Our Part of the Meal

We will carry

the bag of red and yellow cherries

up the hill from the ferry

with the watermelon

and beer.

Flower Islands

White dots, blue spots, bright yellow stars

Pink  globes the size of hamster eggs

float in tangled rafts

on the calm surface of the newly cut lawn.

The Rhyme of Me?

Tension, wire, bloody ram

Maybe this is not the way I feel,

but the way I am.

A Place Outside Of Experience

It all had to do with

the center of a cat’s smile

and empty parking spaces

on top of a tall building.

Dream on an October Night

Ghost rides that whip

sprung from the blood of day

onto the back

of a long thin howl.

Through a Winter Window

As I procrastinate

the moon is swallowed in the rising day’s

rosy haze.

Walking to the End of the World

Dragons, new leaf green, the size of small dogs,

chomp in the mud beside the road.

Further on,

A man with a giant skillet,

standing next to an egg 2 feet taller than himself,

tells the history of the world.


The clothes and towels are spinning.

I am losing and finding things.

Nothing has dropped out completely,


Clover Blossom Sunset

On the window sill,

a clover blossom,

picked a week ago

now fading to brown

in a cup,

dark against the sunset.

To Do List

Desire toward fulfillment

and purple dye

Drop all pretense

Make obsessions that work

Dump Run

Summer Storm

All night the storm grumbled around

Lightning flickered through my eyelids

With one tremendous crack-rumble

ripping me out of loose sleep

into dripping dark


66 Responses to Short Poems: six lines or less

  1. Bethanie says:


  2. roxxie says:


  3. morgan says:

    Why is there no pics or why is there no ways to know who wrote these poems??

  4. Thomas Davis says:

    I like the imagistic strength in most of these short works. Shortness forces the poet to condense lines into meaning, and you’ve done that also. Another notable point is that the ending of all these poems leaves the reader with a feeling of completion, of hearing something that has been said, and this is also good. You’ve worked hard at these.

  5. randomyriad says:

    Thank you for the kind critique. They come from many different periods in my life, and I continue to adjust them every now and then. Unlike children, they tend to grow shorter as they age. Some of these must be almost middle aged by now, and have finally been whittled down to their proper shape.

  6. No pics needed! 🙂 your words plus our imagination = entire movies! Greetings; Andrea

  7. dmarshall58 says:

    I like a number of these, but my favorites are “It Doesn’t Matter Where You Look,” “Laundromat,” and “A Silent Dream Movie.” The mystery in these poems (and others) really makes them work for me.

  8. wajahat says:

    can u write poems for the kidzzzzzz

  9. good from what i could see

  10. appreshiable!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Jack Gilbert says:

    Pretentious and ridiculous

  12. sravanthi says:

    it is not that much nice but it is good

  13. Shubhankar says:

    gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood jooooooooooooooooob

  14. prabhat singh says:

    thank you very much for your poem

    • randomyriad says:

      I am glad you read it. I am grateful to have had the inspiration that leads me to any poem. When I read my poems they take me back to the feeling and mind space I inhabited when the poem emerged. I am glad you could share that, though sometimes it is not a great place to be. Mostly though they come from something I feel strongly that I can’t identify head on, so I have to come at it sideways and not look at it too closely, or it slips away before I can put a frame around it.

  15. BATMAN201273 says:

    Thanks now I can memorize these

  16. Kelcy says:

    You are just the type of poetry I have been searching for. Thank you for your intelligence, your hard work, and your sharing. Thank you for existing, thank you for existing beautifully. I have read through so many poetry books – and wasted my eyes away for hours on the internet looking for good, visual, short and positive poetry. Lovely

    • randomyriad says:

      Thanks so much for the feedback. I am glad you found them. I don’t get in here nearly enough to visit them. I have been too busy to do much writing of this sort lately, and I miss it. When I look at them now, I am amazed that I wrote them. It seems as if a different person wrote each one, and they were all younger than I am and will remain so. I wonder what little poems I would write now if I had the time.

    • randomyriad says:

      Thanks, I want to get back to writing soon, but I am in the middle of a career change. It is a good change, but it uses so much of my concentration. I am glad I was able to make these, and that they are what you are looking for.

  17. anju says:

    this are not so perfect one it should soo funny that eveyone should laugh

  18. nimisha says:

    actaully what is goog????????

  19. nimisha says:

    it was not helpful as i wanted a poem on winter

    • randomyriad says:

      My poems are. When they arrive I write them down and fiddle with them a little and then stick them here. I believe one or two have winter in the title, but maybe they do not evoke winter from you. Winter is a word and an idea that can not be put into words completely. I hope you find the winter you want.

  20. bobsmells says:

    very beautiful poems especially the ghost whip one and the one about hitler

  21. adhg says:

    why they don’t rhyme

  22. cambo says:

    can you try and make some more very powerful poems?

  23. JoeyDiaparra says:

    Can you make more deep, short, and meaningful poems, plz?

  24. cambo says:

    Can you please by chance make some more poems

  25. rita kowats says:

    I love”A Song without a beat.” Thanks for stopping by and following Spirituality Without Borders. I will meet you there in the spaces between the words.

    • randomyriad says:

      That should work if we time it right. You’ll know its me by the way I am always tripping over the scenery. Its dark in there and with all those bits of broken ideas laying around, I never look where I am going anyway when I am writing.

  26. Ch. Biswa Mohan Patro says:

    I read these poems. The poems are very interesting. I like these poems.

  27. kelan says:

    Thank you you wright amazing poems.

  28. Sam says:

    The worst and most ridiculous poems😕😕


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