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Dissection and Construction: Two Imaginary drawings

Dissection I Last week we started dissecting cats in my anatomy and physiology class. I was nervous about cutting into a kitty, even a dead and preserved one, but it turned out to be more like preparing meat than anything … Continue reading

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Cinema as Poetry: Araya and Reveron

  I just experienced Reveron and Araya, the only two films made by Venezuelan director Margot Benecerraf. An amazing combination of poetry, music and images, they both are framed in the daily cycle of light to dramatize very different subjects. … Continue reading

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The End of August: 2 Dreams, 3 Poems and Some Things in Between.

8/9   Dream: From the dirt road,  I steer a car sliding into the drive sideways. As it slows I leap from the seat. Hearing my daughter’s cries echo deep from a half-full pale, I pull her out. Her head disfigured, … Continue reading

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2011 in review: Dreams in Early August

“You think people are silly to believe in ghosts?” An old man had asked Fred Foley a long time ago. “You should hear some of the things that ghosts believe in!” R.A. Lafferty, Fourth Mansions 8/3 Characters from a Dream … Continue reading

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Another Spam Poem

A chunk of spam sliced and arranged:     A  Drift Right! human speeches memorial eyes room and ride  big  Inner-system sound    a round rowdy should always not forget currently glowing leader ship,  speaking in one zone boat, brother!

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