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The Righteous and the Sinners

Originally posted on Great Middle Way:
“We know that no religion is immune from forms of individual delusion or ideological extremism. This means that we must be especially attentive to every type of fundamentalism, whether religious or of any other…

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The Best Places Fill You Up and Let You Go: A Note to Generations and The Community Around It

I am in Transition from preschool work into a career in physical therapy. Yesterday I said good-bye to the best job I have ever had and my favorite educational community. So many people impacted my life as a teacher, and … Continue reading

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1982: Science in Songs

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Present-Tense Anthropology™

Originally posted on synthetic zerØ: “It isn’t revolutionaries and terrorist who make the nuclear power plants melt of blow their tops, or the electricity grids crash, or the automated trading systems go all higgeldy-piggeldy and write their billions down…

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Pencil and Paper and Photoshop

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