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Moving Away from Balance

From Reach to Tilt The light shot strikes the corrugated pattern of the stone wall. A lip accounts a tube, undulating throughout a cruel century, The spirit ventures, a lonely tooth shaming the agony reflected in a delicate molecule. Cement … Continue reading

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Stone Stairs

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The Hidden Land

I worked on this all last week. I don’t know how I feel about it, but here it is. I started with the light figure in the left center and worked out in a very random way. It was like … Continue reading

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Beginning the Journey Again

I wrote a comment on a list to a student who was wondering if the Reggio Emilia child centered approach to preschool was they way to go for a teacher just starting out. After I wrote I realized it really … Continue reading

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Blind Lines

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monochrome abstract


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A Walk with Mary

Lake Walk Sunlight falls in stripes on the path “The water is high today,” she points. “Look, this is where the children usually stand and play with their dogs.”

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