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May Travels Like a Poem Through Me/ Journal Entries of May 2012: Part 2

5/17 Two Poems:             1.     Braided Leather Belt Belted braid beer belly Jelly jar Incandescent light bulb hub cap slab Mud blood bedbug meat slug Slag bag big box hardware sign  sapling thrasher smashing slasher lush mush bushwhacker blush … Continue reading

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May Travels Like a Poem Through Me/ Journal Entries from May 2012: Part 1

5/1 Dream Scenes: I I skateboard up the hill past families slowly walking up in the twilight from the Van’s market car-less parking lot where two ghost, one tall and one small, stand faintly glowing. A thin, brown faced woman … Continue reading

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April Thoughts: A Dream, Some Commentary, and A Poem

4/27/12 Dream: I am the head of a family in which everyone is running for president. I am trying to lead them in ways of wisdom. “In the next few minutes there will be a wasp trapped in a spider’s … Continue reading

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Attitudes and Obsessions: Three Random Journal Entries from 2012

5/13 There are rules and algorithms to operating in social life effectively. These rules have often been a mystery to me. Luckily I am intelligent and non-violent and have never had any uncontrollable urges to engage publicly in activities considered … Continue reading

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By the Way, We Are All Worm Food in the End. Just Sayin.

Lines Inscribed Upon a Cup Formed from a Skull by George Gordon Byron   Start not-nor deem my spirit fled: In me behold the only skull From which, unlike a living head, Whatever flows is never dull. I lived, I loved, … Continue reading

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