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It Does Not Matter Where You Look

A big blue bend in an endless sky, A yellow fire clinging deep in a dry well, It is all the same. A cloud of stars, Grains of rice in a black bowl, Simple.

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Letter Play

A’s an ace just in case B’s bees see C’s and seize C’s on the seas as D’s do with Ease and E’s do in threes. Unlike f, in which letter and sound are the same, G says Gee sometimes … Continue reading

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Peaceful, Easy Christmas

We had a peaceful and stress free Christmas this year. Around our house this is a major breakthrough. Usually Mary is melting down with stress, but since she quit her job at the church, she has a new perspective on … Continue reading

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Self Experiment #6: blogging as a fictional exercise

I have launched my latest self experiment. It is a blog written by a fictional character, a family and personal history. My character will only be interacting with people on the blog itself. So if anyone leaves a comment my … Continue reading

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Taking a Break

I have aborted self-experiment #5, but I learned enough by going as far as I did. Writing or even publishing poems at that rate is very taxing when you are doing anything else. Work last week was insane. Everyone at … Continue reading

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The Difference in Seasonal Light as Seen in a Semi-precious Stone

Opal Opaque Mystery radiant Reality in a jar on the top shelf Flying is the only option My coin the same as hers 14 years later A fish frozen curved on the air A town under a snowy mountain Shadow … Continue reading

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Her Dark Furnishings

On a naked hill Above a shamble of bone built huts, She plays at chores in a well-lit palace, open to the dim world. she moves about in there rearranging her dark-polished furnishings in patterns of arabesque logic. Everyone below … Continue reading

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