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Dance to Your Own Drum’s Beat

Today I was on the elliptical trainer moving to the magical tones of Tool, thinking that the drummer was awe inspiring in a dangerous way, moving the music forward with extreme force and a little malice. This kind of driving … Continue reading

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Two Dancers and Two Dream Songs

Two Dancers Dance The World! A Song Without a Beat I move in dreams frantically arranging pictures in their places, painting faces, timing the spaces, missing the beat of my own heart’s thump. Song from a dream I’d rather be … Continue reading

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Hot Stuff

Doesn’t this look like the world’s hottest pepper? Well it is. Check it out on Zaxy.

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Dark Dreams From the Real World

Yesterday I saw George W., The Decider (because that’s what he does), talking on tv. He was telling everyone how evil the present government in Cuba is (why anyone would believe anything this man says anymore is beyond me). Supposedly … Continue reading

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Alls Well That Ends Well or A Tail Chasing Tale

I came home today dragging and sagging and tense as all of our deadlines coincide tomorrow, every time I turn around at work there is something new on my to do list. Like my Punjabi colleague says about documentation and … Continue reading

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