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Cloud Walk #2

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Shadow of the Walking Man: Self-Portraits

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The Power of the Unnoticed, Integral and Incremental

I am done with great things and big things with great institutions and big success. And I am for those tiny, invisible, molecular moral forces that work from individual to individual through the crannies of the world like so many … Continue reading

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My Friend Asha told me about 2 Deaths

Asha told me about her father dying in India: “My father was killed in a car accident. A truck ran into his car and ripped off the top. There are no driving laws in India. The truck driver ran away. … Continue reading

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Guitar Story Segment 13

Some things happened here which may provide illuminating incite into some of the character’s reaction to the situation and the placement of objects. Letty found the guitar right where Roger said it would be, hanging on a branch well back … Continue reading

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