Tarot #30 : Debauch, illusion, delusion, and denial.


The temptation of fleeting, selfish pleasure may be corrupting or preventing loving relationships. There is pleasure that you gain from giving and receiving love and gifts with those who share your life,  and there are those pleasures that separate you from others and manifest in ways that exclude the people that share your life.Scan_20181230 (2)

There is value in spending time alone honoring your inner life of dreams and taking care of your mental health. But, there is also a way of being alone that build walls around us and we begin to live selfishly valuing pleasure taken and not returned. This selfish pleasure seeking only sickens and corrupts any relationship between people and brings joy to no one.

the longer you engage in the quest for sweetness only you can taste, the farther you continue down that road, the harder it is to turn back toward an open life, sharing with others who want nothing but to share there lives with you. In this way, people end up living together in communities in which individuals, driven by there compulsive pleasure seeking, rob each other to fulfill their desires at the expense of relationships based on compassion and sharing.

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This card is a warning to pay attention to your relationships and see what is sound and fruitful and which is barren and has no life and eventually will rot and sicken the strong viable structures of your life. It is time to do some pruning and some examining of opportunities to grow toward the light, while there is still time and will for true sharing.

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There is a place for imagination and fantasy in every life. It brings in new ideas and keeps things fresh and engaging and is worth exploring as long as it does not act as a screen to block out the fullness of life lead to a life lived in denial and illusion then the richness of life is lost in a shallow dream of sensuality and delusion.

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