Heaven Is A Traffic Jam On The 405

I have been on the 405 many times at rush hour, and there were some days when the isolation and total lack of agency, except to inch the car forward at odd intervals, somehow relieved me of the need to care what happened next. I was freed of all obligations and my mind could wander off in search of random ideas.  But most days I could only think of wanting to be home or at work, being late, not being just about anywhere else. To think there is a person that finds that heavenly, and this film gives you the experience to understand, at least a little, the life of this woman. 

There is so much in this film. It makes me believe that all human beings need to unfold their lives into the world and we could all receive them. The drawings, paintings, and sculptures are so full of all of her life and experience. What if all people had advocates for their freedom and a place to be nurtured? What a wonderful world we could make!

synthetic zerØ

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