Painted Rocks Traveling North

We were walking in downtown Bandon, Ore on Saturday 8/19, and I found a rock painted like a strawberry and camouflaged on a fire hydrant when I turned it over I saw #WCPR painted on the back. I put that rock in my pocket.

The next day on Arizona Beach about 30 miles south of Bandon, I found a rock painted like a Bumblebee on one side and “wee bee 8/12/17 San Diego, CA EW.” on the back.

twin barns trail 512x219

Today, 9/3/17, we deposited these rocks on a log at the trail head to the riparian forest trails at the Billy Frank jr. Nisqually Wildlife refuge just northeast of Olympia/Lacey, WA., in a truly wondrous forest full of birdsong and whispering leaves. Who knows what new adventures await? They are two rocks painted and adrift in Pacific Northwest and bound to end up somewhere beautiful or interesting or both.

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