Drums of Passion

At some point in my late teenage years, I was looking through a bin of miscellaneous foreign music in the Tower Records store on Broadway in Sacramento, and I came across this album. I don’t remember what about it caught my attention. I wasn’t that into African music or drums music at that time. In fact it was from this album that I developed an appreciation for African drumming. I have always been open to new musical experiences, and most likely this seemed like something worth a listen. I did not fall in love with the music right away.  There were a couple of songs that caught me immediately, and a few more that with a few listens I knew this was one of my favorite albums and remains so until now. There were many times when I was feeling wrung out and flattened by the world that I would put this album on. Almost immediately and through the whole of it, I am carried away by the pure spirit of the music. There are only a few albums that I have found in which every song affects me in some way that brings me up just on the power of the music. Vladimir Horowitz playing Beethoven’s 5th piano concerto, Wish You Were Here(the album) by Pink Floyd, John Coltrane’s My Favorite Things, Keith Jarrett’s Koln Concert and a few others but this is definitely one of those. As far as I am concerned Genius of the musical variety. And as with those other few musical masterworks, every time I listen to it I find ways to love it more. And as in the case of those others I stumbled upon it quite at random. I just think of how much we miss in our lives when we stick to our rutted paths and not let the wind blow us around a bit up in the air so we can get a good look at what is around. I have not been as good about this lately, I need to put on my wings and take a look at what I might have overlooked or misplaced. Let the wind or drums move me where they will. 

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