Tarot #50: V The Hierophant, following the long arc of justice and wisdom, the master remains resolutely seated

Deep wisdom follows us into the future by marrying the lessons of the past to the vital energy of the present which will carry and disseminate seeds of positive change in the world. Here is the symbol of the wisdom that abides all around us in those that have kept their minds and hearts open and followed the path of enlightenment. All we need to do is listen to the world and those who have stayed awake through their time in our world.

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You may be entering or already into a situation in which you will need to heed or seek the advice of someone who has more experience than you. It is a time for humility not hubris. A time in which you could gather wisdom and knowledge to carry forward to others who will look to you for illumination.


There is a mystery or problem that is central to your life that is recurring. You will need to seek out and combine teachings, from your past experience and  sources new to you, and cobble together a symbiosis of the many ideas blending them into a solution.

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There is someone in your life who has wisdom or knowledge that could help you resolve some of your confusion or frustration. Someone in a role as a teacher or counselor, or someone who is perceptive and able to communicate well or even someone who you may not think of as a teacher but may have special insight into you or your situation.

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You are heading into a time of peace and protection in which you will be able to gather wisdom and skills to inspire others to work with you to bring peace and enlightenment to many. Look for teachers and insight in your day to day life, look to learn from all you experience. Make time in your life for quiet contemplation of the miracles around you and to untie some of the conundrums that haunt you. Look for opportunities to share what you have discovered. In this way we will connect our wonder in the world and build a peaceful and thoughtful world.


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