Alls Well That Ends Well or A Tail Chasing Tale

I came home today dragging and sagging and tense as all of our deadlines coincide tomorrow, every time I turn around at work there is something new on my to do list. Like my Punjabi colleague says about documentation and paperwork, “It is like a dog chasing his tail, he will never catch it no matter how fast he spins.” Well I was spinning pretty fast today and the only thing I came away with was a headache.

Even with all that, some good things happened today.

1) One of the managers was observing me and said: “You do such a good job of follow through, it makes it all work.” She was referring to the 5 languages and very young three year olds all the way up to almost six year olds, a very diverse group.

2) My assistant and I finished the last of the hearing screenings and I did a developmental screening in Spanish. Now all we have is 8 or 9 vision screenings to complete tomorrow, a piece of cake.

3) Our chronic pants wetter stayed dry for the third day in a row.

4) Children are saying, “Stop that!” and “No thank you!” and using the hand signals we taught them instead of hitting and pushing. It’s nice to know that you can bring a little peace to at least one small place in the world.

5) The sun came out and made glorious blue bright and white of the gray bleak dampness that greeted me as I walked out in the pre-dawn.

6) And finally, after this long tail-chasing day, I came home and checked my favorite blogs and found that Miss moonbeam, who makes me laugh even after days like today, named my humble blog as one of her favorites. That alone cured my headache and did the same for my disposition as the sun did for the day.

As I finish this I have almost lost my tail and the spinning has stopped. I think I will have a beer and only remember the good stuff and leave the rest of day to the dog.

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