10 Things That Would Make America A Stronger Country

1. An intelligent and compassionate president

2. Religious people who put their beliefs into practice with humility, intelligence and deep commitment without hypocrisy. Christians who strive to behave like Jesus, Buddhists who don’t own luxury sedans etc.

3. People who vote as if their vote counted and for people who actually represent their interests rather than the interests of lobbyists or big corporations. That would mean actually looking behind the sound bites into the issues and making choices based on who is going to do what is best for the most people.

4. More outrage at being lied too and used to support policies that benefit greed and create misery.

5. Trading mindless fear reactions like building a 700 mile wall on our border for well thought out strategies to eliminate injustice and poverty everywhere in the world. This will ultimately make us safer.

6. Reduce big corporate control of media so that we can hear all the voices of our diverse nation.

7. Thinking small. Do something to make your town, neighborhood, street, home a better place to be. Millions of people doing little things everyday makes for big changes.

8. Listening carefully to others no matter how much you disagree with their position. We must try to find what unites us other than fear and hate in order to be strong.

9.Seek to forgive rather than punish: This means seeking solutions to problem behavior and figure out how to be ready for problems when they arise. Vengeance leads to a never ending loop of violence and punishment rather than solutions and healing. We still must hold people accountable for their actions, but not hating them while we do it.

10. Asking what kind of world we want for our Grandchildren and acting as if we can make it happen. If we want a strong future we have to be working for it in the present. Talk about it with people you meet. Live your values now. I swear all of this can be done with joy and courage.

The three things we must over come to make a world worth living in for everyone:

Ignorance, fear, and hate.

But, this is easy because if you just get rid of one of them the others disappear.

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4 Responses to 10 Things That Would Make America A Stronger Country

  1. This is so true.

    Every night, I pray that every person be provided with their basic needs– food, clothing, shelter, safety, and love. There’s enough to go around.
    I also pray that the leaders of this world make their decisions based on love, compassion, generosity and a desire for peace.

    I hope that the things you’ve listed come to pass, and quickly.

  2. randomyriad says:

    I think if we find one person every day to think a little deeper about these things our prayers will be answered.

  3. CuriousC says:

    What a lovely thought! “But, this is easy because if you just get rid of one of them the others disappear.” I have enjoyed getting my head around this! Thx, “C”

  4. randomyriad says:

    I glad that you liked it and are thinking about it. I like the phrase “getting my head around it” like seeing it from all angles and stretching perspectives and being flexible. all good things.

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