Let Sparks Fly

There is art in everything I do, some spark of spiritual creativity. This does not always blend well with “real” world activities. Documentation suffers, and I am often left saddened by the mundane way in which people approach life. Life is magical and weird and should be treated this way. I cannot help but go through with my eyes wide open to all the possibilities. Fear is the only enemy.

This does not mean I am a thrill seeker or risk my life constantly. There are possibilities in every conversation and interaction with people or animals or inanimate objects. I understand the value of objective observation and data, but if it is left without any feeling, if no one is inspired by the results then it is dead and useless. Inspiration is the key and breath of life for all study, relationships, or just plain day to day moving in the world. Keep your mind open and a spark might fly in and set the whole system on fire. This happens to people all the time. This is what I live for. The other stuff is just being ready to catch the sparks when they fly.

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