Back to Work Blahs

I am just finishing my spring break week off, and I feel very ambivalent about what I have spent my time doing and going back to my routine of having the middle of my day absorbed by work. I like my job, but I don’t feel like it completes my life. I wish I could do a little less of it and a little more of something else. But, then I look back at my week off and see that I didn’t do that much more than I would have if I had been working.

Two things I did that I am feeling very positive and satisfied about are I read 3 books and wrote 10 blogs and a couple of poems. Reading and writing open my mind in many ways and start my mind moving in many ways. One reason I didn’t do more was because I was reading and that is a slow process for me. It is the one thing I can’t do much of when I work.

This week I have begun processing my next step in life. How do I want to proceed after Mary finishes nursing school? I feel like I always want to work some with young children. I am so inspired by it and experienced at  it that it is an effortless intensely rewarding way to spend my time. But, there is part of me that wants to have more connections in the adult world. I am drawn to literature and philosophy and science on a level that I can’t really share with young children though it certainly makes my experience and theirs richer in the way I approach teaching, our interactions, and activities we plan together.

So I am pondering how to expand my life to include more ideas and people. Today I am a little blah and unenthusiastic about thinking and doing in general. I am sure that will vanish tomorrow when I greet my young friends, and we begin new conversations and activities exploring the world. I really do enjoy my work. I am just shifting gears today.

I updated my 101/1001 and found that I am woefully behind on many items, but I have lost 7 1/2 pounds and I am doing well on some others. At the one year mark I intend to replace the ones I have finished with some new ones. Maybe 10 items I could do in 100 days, or maybe just start a new 1001 days for a smaller number of items (This could get complicated). I haven’t decided yet. Just another thing think about, I guess I like to keep my brain busy.

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