Answers Without Questions: Being My Silly Self In the Classroom

I was going through my job hunting file and found these answers without questions. They say a lot about my process as a teacher and what I value in my work with young children. Luckily my new position lets me do and be all these things. My assistants have a lot of patience and open-mindedness; So I get to let my creativity, sense of humor, and silliness out without stressing my colleagues too much. I suspect that my main assistant is even sillier than I am.

  1. Easel painting is a good activity for developing hand eye coordination and sensory integration. Focusing on the process is important. Even easel painting could be presented in an inappropriate manner.
  2. Finger painting with pudding is an excellent sensory activity for any age, but especially for 2 to 4 year olds. Sensory activities assist in the process of brain/body integration as well as many other developmental areas. You would have to address the health concerns as with all food related activities.
  3. Most children know their primary colors by the time they are 4 ½, but I would not be concerned if a child took longer in this task unless there was other evidence of cognitive delays.
  4. My goal as an educator is to instill in each child a feeling of competency and joy in the learning process and to give parents the confidence to be capable teachers and advocates in their child’s education.
  5. I am very good at developing relationships with students and parents that help me create a positive learning environment.
  6. When parents work in the classroom children get the opportunity to practice communication and social skills with peers and develop positive relationships with adults. Their parents get to expand their resources on education and parenting in order to become better teachers and advocates for their children.
  7. Anytime I work in a classroom gain new knowledge about children, parents and the world. I expect that working at this center would be similar.
  8. They would describe me as sensitive, knowledgeable, understanding, creative, silly, sometimes funny, but most of all able to build relationships that encourage growth and learning for everyone involved.
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