I Work With the Best People.

Dear Michael,


 Once again it is rather late by the time I get around to sitting at the computer and I don’t know if you will receive this before tomorrow, but I will send it off on the chance that you might. 


Today went well.  Numbers were down a little, but we still had 11 children at the mid point of the day. 


Nice weather, of course, makes any day a little nicer.

I left today a little delayed, and in somewhat of a hurry, so if you are there in the morning you may find: The butterfly enclosure still on the back counter; paint supplies that may not have gotten cleaned up, and 2 books (which are mine) over on the blue mat area under the blankets which were waiting in case we did an inside Circle, but hopefully everything else is in order.  As I say, it was a quick exit.   I know that once R left D.J would be on her own, with the sub leaving at 1:30, so there may be some catch-up to do in the morning.


Well, I believe that is it for now, so perhaps we will see you in the morning?. . .

I was at home dealing with a flat tire and taking some comp time my supervisor urged me to take. As you can see I have no concerns just regrets about not being there.

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