Dissection and Construction: Two Imaginary drawings

Dissection I

Last week we started dissecting cats in my anatomy and physiology class. I was nervous about cutting into a kitty, even a dead and preserved one, but it turned out to be more like preparing meat than anything else. Now I know at least one way to skin a cat. Anyway with all of the pictures of dissections and actual dissections I have been experiencing lately the feeling of internal biological structures revealed has crept into my drawing. This is not representational but more abstract and imaginative, maybe a life form yet to be discovered. It reminds me of muscles and bones with some organs at either end. Maybe I will draw the outside next.

Hive I

This is a piece I did a few weeks ago and fits in with some of my imaginary objects. As this piece developed I noticed that part of it look like a landing platform. It looks both grown and built maybe a symbiotic form created  by winged animals and  plants.

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