Living Like Falling Water

My divorce is final, and I have been feeling very empty and removed from the world. I have been feeling a lot of anger toward my now ex-wife, but today I walked and made my life start from today. I went to stare at a waterfall. The water falls in similar but each pattern is slightly different from any before. The chaos makes it beautiful. I saw a woman trying to photograph the water, but she could only capture a single pattern out of millions. Even if you filmed the water for a day you could not capture the true water fall. I am trying to let go of the idea that I can hang on to anything that matters. I get to experience the part that intersects with my life, but there are so many patterns to witness and bring into my experience. Letting go is a way of letting new patterns in, and the flow goes on, moving downstream into the canyons and out into the bay. I let it go and walked home to eat.


 Late Summer Falls

The ever changing

Pattern of falling water

Shatters on smooth rocks

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