Three Unconnected Thoughts Written Down Today at Various Times


 Today the sun and clouds decorate the sky with sculptures of water, ice, and floating particles. A gentle breeze, like a lazy curator in a sky-sized gallery, sifts through the day, moving the pieces about here and there. I stare at one little wisp of vapor until vanishes inside the blue. Where did it go? Moved back behind scenes to be reintroduced at 3:10 pm as a bird shaped puff just over Lummi Island.  


Writing is not a single path. It is a whole web of interconnected strands that meet, combine and separate. Time spent walking and thinking adds more strands. More strands make for more vivid and inspired writing.


3)      Everybody deserves to have the basic necessities of life, no matter what they do for a living. In a country as prosperous as ours it is a crime that people who work their whole lives are left without the means to sustain their lives in a humane manner. We are all complicit in this crime. The pervasive myth of individual responsibility as opposed to interdependence is the main driving ideology. We are all responsible for each other. Anybody who has wealth has earned it in cooperation with many others, and to horde that wealth as if you earned it alone is a crime for which we all suffer.

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