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Guitar Story Segment 13

Some things happened here which may provide illuminating incite into some of the character’s reaction to the situation and the placement of objects. Letty found the guitar right where Roger said it would be, hanging on a branch well back … Continue reading

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The Fool’s Journey #1: Note to a Traveler

You will come to a resting point in the road you travel and find that a multitude of possible pathways are available in all directions, but the one you travelled to arrive where you are will no longer exist. This … Continue reading

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3 Pieces from a Journal from 6/2018

Things Occur to Me Moment by Moment   elliptical fan distortion rippling  the surface but touching nothing deeper than  gliding fish feel not  the least disturbed inches  under the surface, unknowing the peril from above, claws or oxygen in too … Continue reading

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Poems of April 2018 #2

Transfer He was misleading  The two women about his father’s ability to care for himself. He feared they would not take such a helpless man.   Dis-integration All this world wants of me is everything consumed, from beginning to end,  … Continue reading

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2 Poems from February Leaking into March

 Transportation I ride your bicycle hands,   backwards through the dark , reversed and inverted the wheel magnetized to a grid of printed instructions for unfolding origami lines  rolled balancing, over hills of rags and bags, tottering stagger plunged  and battered into muddy pulp compacted … Continue reading

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