Vibrations of Line and Color Inspired by Kandinsky



Last week I made two rough studies on 140 lb watercolor paper to choose the pallet. Narrowing the colors down orange, yellow, brown and violet oxides with some permanent violet dark and burnt orange and black and white for shading.


For the final piece I used brush and ink to make random lines on white gessoed wood panel. I let the ink dry before applying paint mostly in one sitting with a little touch up.


When I am working with these colors and lines, I feel them vibrating inside me like I am inventing a new part of myself as I experience the process of creating the image. Kandinsky actual experienced color in a multi-sensory manner and music as colors. I didn’t have that experience but when I look at this painting, I get a electric sensation of creation that is like nothing I have felt before except when I am creating with colors. It is not translatable into words or music. It is it’s own sensation and why I have always made time for art in my life. When I look at Kandinsky’s work I get much the same feeling as if my mirror neurons are firing and I am mentally producing the work  for the first time.


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