Thinking Cattywampus

Here are some random slightly askew ideas to shift your point of view and maybe your approach to life. There are so many perspectives to consider if you just pay attention.

“But what I really want is to have it sit there solid as a rock and have everybody think it is flying.” 

William H. Gass, From Conversations with John Gardner.

“Try this. Pay attention to your breath in silence. Look at your mind. Immediately we see that thoughts are popping up. Don’t react to them. Just keep watching your mind. Notice that there is a gap between each thought. Notice that there is a space between the place where the last thought came to an end and the next one hasn’t yet arrived. In this space there is no ‘I’ or ‘me.’ That’s it.”

Anam Thubten (No Self, No Problem, 2009).

“I am a peripheral visionary; I can see the future only way off to the side.”

Steven Wright

You are the passenger, yes.  Of course.  You are also the driver. 

An excerpt From Letters to an Imaginary Friend
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