Tarot #11: X Fortune: What goes up must come down.

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What is first shall be last and the turning of the wheel brings low that which is high and raises that which is ground under. Opportunity favors those prepared to leap, but no matter how much you try to remain on top the wheel will turn as will all of the forces and matter of the universe. Learn the ways of the cycles and rhythms and be ready to ride. It is the only game in town whether you are up or down, every position on the wheel will move through the revolutions.Scan_20181211 (2)

Revolving always in cycles, gears within gears surrounded by whirling springs, the universe travels its course and we ride up as we slide down. You can control small bits of this life, the rest you leave to fate or worry. Fortuna will choose by a whim and you must make what you can of it.


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