Tarot #12: I The Magus/Magician, the Flash of inspiration and the will to create

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Go forth and create your world guided by inspiration and drawing energy from the electricity of ideas in collision. Send your thoughts to the stars and listen for the reply and shout again the words that create themselves in your dreams. Explore the world rooting out it’s mysteries. Only the curious push at the walls of the world to expand our experience. Paint a door on the wall and step through into a new world.

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“no one can build you the bridge on which you, and only you, must cross the river of life,”


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Only creative acts brought forth from depths of experience bridge the gap between individuals. Only when we transform ourselves into the material of dreams do we enter the dreams of others.

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Magic is the power to perceive patterns and apply intuition in a manifest manner, to make the improbable appear, to see into the layers of reality and manipulate the world into one of its many forms and states.

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There are many phenomena which cannot be explained with our current knowledge. With persistence and energy we will figure out the mysteries. And, in finding the solutions to those problems, we will be inundated with a thousand new riddles underneath that which we uncover.

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The will and discipline to control powers and maintain focus and intellect with insight to create beauty in functional invention and technology and systems of knowledge.

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