Tarot #40: XII Hanged Man/Trial, upended and suspended in between rising and falling.

hanged manYou find yourself in a position of enforced stasis, either by forces beyond your control or by fears or uncertainty, and are waiting for release of some kind. You must examine the evidence about what brought you to this place and begin to make adjustments that will free your mind and spirit from this situation.

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You are in a situation in which a sacrifice is necessary in order to move forward or you must retreat in either case there will be some kind of price to pay. The situation in which you dwell is untenable and impossible to maintain as it is.

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There is a decision you must make or some major commitment you are avoiding and you are living in denial because commitment would mean uncertainty and possible death or injury or loss. You must put your energy into some kind of plan. Sacrifice is not the worst form pain.

You have an opportunity to sacrifice something for the benefit of others or to gain wisdom in order to become more enlightened and connected to your path.

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The Prophets accept all agony and trust it for the water has never feared the fire.


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It is time to retreat from sensuality and distractions to consider the way forward in your life. There will be support for this, but it will also mean giving up things that bring you comfort for a time.

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