Tarot #41: Ace of Wands, bursting with the fire of inspiration and creative energy


This is the rush of growth in the spring. The maniacal meandering of the mind into the wild heart of possibilities. Pure spiritual energy: a shot of life’s essence complete. It can be harnessed with great focus, but not without danger like breaking a wild horse. There is always energy loss in this process as well, but nothing comes without a price.

ace of wands

Now is the time to launch your dream projects or take on the world fearlessly. Be bold and take risks use all your creative powers and burn brightly.


You are ready to discover hidden talents and need to follow your desires like a flame follows fuel. This is a time to discover what resources you have inside and bring them out.

scan_20190106 (2)

There is pent up spiritual/creative energy building up in you that needs and outlet, a channel or it will explode forth in possibly destructive ways.

scan_20190105 (25)

Look for joy and passion as your guide to making decisions. Follow your instincts, the wildness in your soul.

Ace of wand

File:Tarot ace of wands.jpg Related image

Related image

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