Tarot #55: Truce, not peace but compromise or retreat from struggle in order to regroup.


Which opponents will you choose not to engage and which allies will you decide are too costly to support?Bargaining to save a beleaguered position with terms that are only temporary.

scan_20190110 (4)


Exhausted from unceasing labors toward a cause you consider worthy, you must rest and recharge in order to reenter the fray refreshed, although it may cost you a lot of gained ground in the end.

Image result for mary el 4 of swords

You have chosen to take an easier path to your goal in order to avoid struggling now that may end up bringing you more trouble later on.

four of swords

You must weigh the benefits and costs of a major undertaking that you cannot hope to succeed at if you take on the whole burden. You must decide which pieces are either more likely to come to fruition or which are worth too much not to fight for and which to give up in order to move forward.

Colores-Arcus-Four of swords


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