Tarot #56: Queen of Cups, the still waters reflecting and receiving.

The water holds mysteries, bends light, and when still is a perfect mirror. Without any movement or thought, the water embraces and adapts to anyone moving within it.


And yet water has the power over time to wear away rock and polish stones and flow in the veins of the earth and all its inhabitants carrying sustenance through the their bodies.

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The Queen represents people who are emotionally able to reflect and absorb other peoples energy and remain empathetic and supportive without becoming involved in the drama. They are good listeners and caring nurturing partners, but generally remain calm. They fit well in into any situation they find themselves in and are comfortable pretty much anywhere.

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They tend to be tranquil and peace loving with a bit of sparkle when feeling playful.They do not mind being alone, but others are drawn to their nurturing empathetic nature.


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