Tarot #76: Prince/Knight of Disks, the practical and sensual mixed with the intellectual

Bubbles of Earth

Out of the Earth She Bursts


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This can take many forms. That of a strong connection with the soil and practical matters and love of working directly with the means of survival in attentive and scientific ways.

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Or, a person focused on physical fitness and the body, who maintains an actively concrete and empirical approach to nutrition and exercise.

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A grounded person who considers every problem or issue with deliberation, usually of conservative nature favoring traditional solutions if they are efficacious and the least risky of the alternatives.


A person good at fixing or making practical items that have to do with getting work done or a handy person usually not interested in extending ideas beyond local and utilitarian uses.

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Practical matters or matters of health may need to be a focus, or a more limited scope of inquiry or input from someone pragmatic with more of an applied technology approach might be helpful in resolving a problem

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