The Flight of the Bird Passing VI: Poems of Fernando Pessoa

Recalling who I was , I see somebody else


Recalling who I was, I see somebody else.

In memory the past becomes the present.

     Who I was is somebody I love,

     Yet only in a dream.

The longing that torments me now

Is not from me nor by the past invoked,

     But his who lives in me

     Behind my eyes.

Nothing knows me but the moment.

My own memory is nothing, and I feel

     That who I am and who I was

     Are two contrasting dreams.



No one,  in the vast and virgin jungle


No one, in the vast and virgin jungle

Of this unreckoned world ever sees

     The God he knows.

Only what is borne upon the wind, upon the wind is


All we ponder, ourselves, our gods,

     Pass on, because we do.



To be great, be whole


To be great, be whole.

     Nothing,  exaggerate nothing that is you.

Be whole in everything.  Put all you are

     Into the smallest thing you do.

The whole moon gleams in every pool,

    It rides so high.



By Ricardo Reis

heteronym of Fernando Pessoa 

Translated from Portuguese by Edwin Honig and Susan M. Brown

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